Life of a Writer

A Different POV

Miss Betty looked at her watch. It was almost the deadline and she was finishing typing her paper from what I could see.

No, I’m not her co-worker..and no..I’m not her boss. In fact, she doesn’t even remember me. I met her at the park. Well, we didn’t actually meet, you see, but we did make eye contact and by golly, I knew I had to meet her. Betty is wearing a red slim dress that suits her well. It rolls over every curve and flatters her bosom. Her hair is pulled up into a beautiful french bun and one single curl hangs on the side of her slim beautiful face. She removes her hand from the keyboard and flicks the curl behind her ear but as she returns to type, the piece falls in her face.

I haven’t been Betty’s shadow for long. I don’t like the word stalker, it seems…unnatural. She wasn’t hard to find when I looked her up. She’s a big-time reporter for some big newspaper. I don’t read much, you see, but I like her work so I cut out all her stories and kept them neatly in a scrapbook. I could tell you everything about Betty. She’s turning 26 in a few days, her actual name is Bethany, she used to be engaged, and she doesn’t like the colour blue because it’s sad.

Betty pressed a few more buttons, got up and looked at her watch. She’s late to her boss’s christmas party. I don’t like her boss, he shows interest but he isn’t right for her. He doesn’t even know that she doesn’t like small gifts, but he keeps on insisting. As she throws her jacket on, my letter falls out of her pocket. She stills and her eyes are huge. Betty knows it’s from me! Slowly, she picks it up and I get excited! Betty looks around but she won’t see me. I’m in the hotel next door, my lights are off, and I’m wearing all black. If I stepped out onto the balcony though, the moonlight would show that I’m there.

She opens it.

This is it.

I looked into the mirror real quick and fix my tux. She steps closer to the window. I step onto the balcony, I pull the rose out of my jacket and I wait. She sees me. A tear falls down her face! She must be so happy to see me! I pull out my cell phone and dial her number. She jumps as her jacket vibrates. She pulls out her phone to answer it.

“Why are you doing this, Aiden?!” She screams and I can understand her enthusiasm.

“Because, Bethany, we’re meant to be together. Do you remember how I proposed to you?” I feel my face light up with a smile.

“No! You can not repeat the past! We have to get you help, how did you escape the facility? They promised me there was no way you’d-”

“I gave you a letter on Christmas Eve while you were working hard as usual and asked you to-”

“Please Aiden, let’s remember what doctor Jordan said-”

“Take a breather. And you came out-” I got up on the ledge and stretched out my arm with the rose. “Saw me across the street with a single rose and-”

“She said ‘Don’t make decisions based on feelings.'”

“A diamond ring.” I looked at her bare hand. Heat radiated to my face. “Where’s that ring now Bethany?”

“Aiden, please step down.” She said calmly, ignoring my question. “We can talk in the lobby, can I meet you there?”

“Where’s that RING Bethany?!” My heart shattered and tears fall down my face. “Where’s that RING?!”

“Aiden, let’s talk about this later, right now you’re ill and we need to help-”

“How could you?!” I threw my phone in the street and the wind blew, making me lose my balance. “Bethany!”



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