Crushes Confused


Their wheels moving, making noise.
I awaken to the noise of woo’s and metal grinding. My heart is beating to the rhythm of love. The colour of the room is the feeling of impatient waiting and shades every surface and every corner with excitement.
Today. It’s today! I glance at the clock and read 3:47 a.m. Today couldn’t be more alive with not a soul in sight. I jumped out of bed and threw off my clothes. Quickly dressing, I rushed to pack my bags, throwing in whatever I could find in this shaded room.
I ran to the front door and jumped in my smoothly dented transportation traveler gadget. I sat for a minute. A full long 6000 milliseconds, just ticking away the time. I absorbed my surroundings, it’s going to be a long time before I return.
But I’ll get to see him.
I turned the key and my vehicle came back to life. It’s roaring engine yawning from a long rest, ready to begin the journey of many miles. Soon the road disappeared below and the road lengthened ahead. I’ll see you soon. Oh so soon.
The next time I see the time, it’s 5:32 a.m. and I’m at my destination. A train awaits at the station, steaming and puffing smoke, readying like a horse to stretch it’s legs. I pull my notebook full of letters now and begin to write another entry. The ticket isn’t too expensive, but I’d pay anything to just see your smile again.
I board immediately, I have my own room. I write one last thing. I’m finally coming to you after four long years.
My eyes slowly close and I see you once more. I feel your warmth around me as we embrace. You whisper in my ear “I’m never leaving you behind again.” I tighten my hug because words can’t describe what I feel but you disappear. I look for you but there’s no place we are. I yell, asking where you’ve gone but my only response is silence.
Then I hear a train.
I awaken to the woo’s and metal grinding in a small, dark room, at 3:47 a.m. hearing my heart beat as the only sound.


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