Experiences are the best way to help you decide upon another experience in the future.

Without the experience of, let us say, falling in love, how are we ever to know what love really feels like? Without the experience of singing in front of a crowd, how are we to know what stage entertainers feel? Without holding hands with someone who’s heart is beating uncontrollably, how are we to know that our heart beats at the same pace and rhythm?

I believe that in order to truly understand one thing or objection, you need to experience it first person.

In order to understand how one person is ‘single’, they must first have been in a relationship to understand what it meant to ‘not be single’. Then you understand how you may break ones’ heart, or how to mend it.

Experiences are an amazing thing to first off: Experience, but then: relate to. The more experiences you have, the more you can relate to the people who surround you. Once you’ve connected on a personal level, you can have more success through using context clues and applying such to your past experiences.

Though, some experiences can wait and do not need immediate attention, while others may need some taping together.

I believe that without my experiences now, I wouldn’t be where I am. I’m slowly climbing to the top whereas I started deeper in the earth than the dirt packed at intense levels. Through all the mud, clay, and coprolite, I’ve finally made it to the ground and now I start my journey to the top of the cliff. There, I hope to overlook what I have achieved. And then jump off and into the ocean of endless possibilities.


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